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Newsletter of the Society for History in the Federal Government The Federalist newsletter prints news of recent activities of the Society, its membership, and of important issues affecting federal history programs. Issues one-year-old and older are available online in PDF format at

Second Series, Issue 29, Spring 2011

  1. 2011 Conference Held at Archives II–Cantelon Delivers Keynote Trask Lecture
  2. President’s Message, by Pete Daniel
  3. Cantelon Receives Trask Award
  4. SHFG Awards Luncheon
  5. Federal History Office Profile: National Security Agency
  6. Digital History Notes
  7. From the Archives, by Charles Downs
  8. Making History

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Second Series, Issue 28, Winter 2010-2011

  1. How History Tours Can Inspire Agencies and Promote Historical Appreciation, by James Garber
  2. President’s Message, by Pete Daniel
  3. The Army History Program, by Jeffrey Clarke
  4. Federal History Office Profile: Relaunching the National Science Foundation History Program, by Marc Rothenberg
  5. Ferriero Delivers 2010 Hewlett Lecture: Highlights Technology as Tool to Make Records More Accessible
  6. From the Archives: History Programs in the News, 1985, by Charles Downs
  7. The OGIS Report on First-Year Progress, by Benjamin Guterman
  8. Making History

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