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2016 edition  Issue 8

Editor’s Note
Benjamin Guterman

Roger R. Trask Lecture

Federal History in the Digital Age

Victoria A. Harden


The History Professional

An Interview with Elizabeth B. White, USHMM



Seeking a Second Opinion: Robert McNamara’s Distrust of the U.S. Intelligence Community During Operation Rolling Thunder

Thomas A. Reinstein

The National Nanotechnology Initiative Approach to Environment, Health, and Safety:  A Model for Future Science Investments

Brandi L. Schottel and Barbara Karn

The S&L Crisis in its Earliest Days: Banking Reform Rhetoric in the Johnson and Nixon Years

Dustin R. Walker

Advance to the “Fighting Lines”:  The Changing Role of Women Telephone Operators in France During the First World War

Jill Frahm


Research and Resources

Special Examiners: Records of the Bureau of Pensions’ Efforts to Combat Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, 1862–1933

Claire Prechtel-Kluskens







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We started Federal History in 2009 in order to provide the Society for History in the Federal Government (SHFG) with a permanent and regularly issued journal. The federal history community has a diverse and highly capable cadre of historians, from civilian to military agencies. While many of them were able to publish in specialty journals, it seemed that they had important insights to complement and help fulfill our mission of furthering knowledge of the federal government. In turn, a new SHFG journal, built upon the foundations of our Occasional Papers series, would provide a useful outlet for researchers in our community. And scholars outside government service could also contribute and share in those goals.

Federal History is published annually online and in print by the SHFG in Washington, DC. The journal promotes scholarship on all aspects of the history and workings of the federal government, and of critical historical interactions between American society and the U.S. government, including the U.S. military, 1776 to the present. It also publishes articles investigating contemporary issues and challenges in federal history work, including the fields of history, archival science, historic preservation, public history, museum studies, web–based history, memory studies, and other related areas. The journal highlights studies by historians working in or for federal agencies as well as independent scholars, many of which originate as presentations at the Society’s annual conference in the Washington, DC, area.

The Society was established in 1979, and its members include historians and public historians, archivists, curators, administrators, editors, educators, librarians, and others working in the federal history community in both the Washington, DC, area and nationwide, as well as nonfederal historians. The history offices represented in the membership include those in military and civil agencies. Views and conclusions are those of the contributing authors and do not necessarily represent positions of the journal or the Society for History in the Federal Government.

We welcome your contributions. Send your manuscript, an abstract, brief biographical information, and information on available images to the journal editors at editor-shfg-journal@shfg.org
— Benjamin Guterman

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Benjamin Guterman
Chair, SHFG Publications Committee
Washington, DC
Assistant Editor
Judson MacLaury

Retired Historian, U.S. Department of Labor





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