Interviews by Benjamin Guterman in The Federalist newsletter


Interviews with

Steven Dick
Chief Historian, NASA History Division (Issue 2, Summer 2004)

Richard Baker
U.S. Senate Historian (Issue 22, Summer 2009)

David S. Ferriero
Archivist of the United States (Issue 26, Summer 2010)

Stacey Bredhoff
curator, John F. Kennedy Library (Issue 36, Winter 2012–13)

Charlene Bangs Bickford
Director of the First Federal Congress Project (Issue 37, Spring 2013)

Robert S. Arrighi
archivist/historian, NASA’s Glenn Research Center (Issue 38, Summer 2013)

Victoria A. Harden
former Historian, Office of NIH History (Issue 39, Fall 2013)

Jeffrey G. Barlow
historian, U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command (Issue 40, Winter 2013-14)

Samuel W. Rushay
supervisory archivist, Harry S. Truman Library and Museum (Issue 41, Spring 2014)

John Fox
Historian, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Issue 42, Summer 2014)

Richa Wilson
historian, U.S. Forest Service (Issue 43, Fall 2014)

Donna Graves
Public historian and cultural planner (Issue 44, Winter 2014-15)

Thomas Wellock
Historian, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Issue 46, Summer 2015)

Donald A. Carter
historian, Center of Military History (Issue 47, Fall 2015)